Everything where it should be.

PaperOrganizer stores your documents automatically. Saves time and money.

Information. Always and everywhere.

All your documents are always available. Need to exchange something? The receipt is right there for you.

A scanner in your pocket.

Scan your documents with your smartphone. Efficient and simple.





Organize yourself.
Quick and easy.

With the help of Intelligent Indexing, PaperOrganizer recognizes the most important information in your document. If it didn't identify everything correctly, you can easily edit. PaperOrganizer learns from your input.



Don't search, just find.

Recognized data is used to create an organized file structure on your cloud drive. From now on, you have everything with you.








Stay organized.

Because your documents are securely stored on your cloud drive, data loss isn't possible. Your data is stored separately from PaperOrganizer. Your documents are always with you - just download the App of your cloud drive and you've got immediate access to all your documents, from everywhere.


Another advantage: your documents will be synchronized on every device you own. Never worry again about how to access your files.


There are also no legal issues. Storing documents electronically is widely accepted. Read more about that here...







Fast scanning. Directly from your pocket.

With PaperScan, another app by DocuWare, you can easily photograph documents of all kinds and upload them to PaperOrganizer. Your own scanner in your pocket.

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